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Feb 01 2008

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Psychics Turn to Runes for Online Readings

With the continued rise of online social networking sites, requests for psychic readings online have also increased. From chat rooms, to websites, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, people seek advice from online psychics to help meet the challenges of relationships, the economy, and family issues in the harried world of the 21st century.
Not surprisingly, skilled psychic readers have turned to an ancient information source-runes- to provide guidance and counseling to those who call on them.

Runes are particularly well suited to providing online psychic readings. The Runic oracle deals with more than just “yes” and “no” type answers. A skilled online reader can help a client to understand the full nature of the issue they are facing. The runes enhance psychic readings by providing information on the present state of affairs, the challenge that is contained within the issue and which the client has to resolve, and, lastly, the essence of the new path that the client has before them.

Whether the reading is done online, in a chat room, through email, or over the phone, the runic oracle provides an interaction between the client and the online reader that transcends other types of predictive arts. Consulting the runes is a way to delve into the innermost workings of the matter. The energy flows from the oracle to the client and the psychic reading expert provides the guidance and interpretation to help the client understand the road before them and how best to navigate that road. Even in the age of “instant information” the Runes remind us all that there is still a way to connect with the Universe and receive the guidance of an ancient, yet enduring, oracle.

Author: Lou Raedwulfe

The RuneChest book by Lou Raedwulfe- Available at Amazon

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